Ebola ‘Turning Point’ as Cases Decline: WHO

Ebola ‘Turning Point’ as Cases Decline: WHO

Jan. 22, 2015 — Ebola cases are falling within the three hardest-hit West African countries and the episode has come to a “turning point,” agreeing to the World Wellbeing Organization.

In Liberia, as it were eight cases were recognized final week, compared with a peak of 500 a week in September. Modern Ebola cases in Guinea are at 20 a week, compared to a crest of 292, and new cases in Sierra Leone are at 117 a week, compared with a top of 748, BBC News detailed.

The latest numbers are the foremost promising” since the begin of the outbreak, the WHO said. However, it urged caution and emphasized the ought to discover individuals who’ve had contact with Ebola patients.

“The incidence is pretty clearly going down in all three nations presently,” Dr. Christopher Dye, executive of procedure within the office of the WHO’s chief general, told BBC News. “Each of the final three weeks has been the most promising we’ve seen so far, the message is decreases in all places.”

“I would have distinguished the turning point as the beginning of the decrease, first in Liberia and then later in Sierra Leone and Guinea,” he included.

The Ebola outbreak has contaminated 21,724 people and murdered 8,641, with most cases and deaths happening in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, BBC News reported.

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